About us

Mission statement

Diversity is at the forefront of Farruco‘s mission. We celebrate a unique style in men’s accessories and strive to provide you with an unparalleled and memorable online shopping experience.

About Us

Farruco is a proud Canadian jewelry brand founded by Julio Andral in 2020 in the city of Montreal. We are a young and dynamic company on the lookout for the latest trends in fashion accessories. Farruco is inspired by the diversity, cultural richness and specificities of Montreal and its surroundings. The accessories are designed to reflect, refine and determine our image. jewelry is mostly made of premium stainless steel 316L to provide our customers with a signature piece.

The journey of art is always evolving and intrinsically intertwining. In search of exploration, invention, and discovery, Farruco will always provide diverse and unique accessories.

Quality is the most important aspect of any product on the market and Farruco makes sure that all of our products are made from the highest quality materials.  We are aware of the environmental factor of product manufacturing and do our best to use production that is safe for the environment.

The Farruco team of creative designers and manufacturers deliver the best pieces that meet your standards of quality. Being an online retailer, we thrive to make our brand the most convenient and cost-effective for the customers.

Farruco believes that the world around us is a source for continuous inspiration and we also believe that beauty lies in little things and the smallest details. Taking concept to reality, we are working to make your style your identity.