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Meet SAINT, they offer the very boldness needed to upgrade your fashion game. This exquisite set of earrings is a perfect blend of modern, symbolic and antique designs.



Meet GIZA, the set of earrings that are full of edge. This unique and intricate set is for the fearless ones.

GIZA will take your outfit to a universal level like no other.



Meet ASSASSIN, inspired by the Japanese tool and weapon used by ninjas. Your style will be deathly strong as steel with this tough set.


Pair with its matching necklace called KUNAI to take your look one step further.



Meet DESPERADO, the set of earrings that contains the ultimate powerful look. These earrings will add a touch of modern elegance to your style.



Meet CRUZ, the modern yet timeless minimalist and discreet set of earrings you’ll want to wear everyday.



Meet TRIGGER, full of daring and atmospheric personality. These earrings are made to bring power and strength to your everyday look.



Meet BRAVE, the perfect everyday companion, these priceless earrings will never go out of style and will bring the wow factor to any outfit.


These earrings pair well with FORCE for a vivid and prominent ensemble.



Meet HUMBLE, the set of studs that brings an effortless and refined look to any individual.


HUMBLE is full of minimalistic properties that many can enjoy.